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Rust Vision 4920

8/25/2001 – Awards and Publications

2011 has been a busy year for my Rust Vision portfolio.

Rust Vision 1486 was published in the 2011 Photographer’s Forum College Photography Annual as contest finalist.

Rust Vision 4920 is to be published in the fall annual of the 2011 Photographer’s Forum Photography as a contest finalist.

In the September Issue of Color Magazine, Rust Vision 1331, 1441, and 1628 are published in a two page spread as a result of a Merit Award in the magazine’s annual color portfolio contest.

Click on the Rust Vision portfolio to see these works.


8/24/2001 – Welcome to My Website!

You will find a wide variety of subjects and interest from found abstractions, reflections, hand portraits and other closeup shots in the Portfolio section.

An orchid enthusiast myself, I rarely pass up a botanical garden so check out the Flora and Fauna portfolio for unique blooms and occasional wildlife shots.

The Artist’s Hands Project portfolio has closeup shots of artist’s hands ranging from blues musicians through the other arts such as painters, sculptors, and other creative arts.

The People and Places portfolio includes selections from my travels such as this year’s trip to the Spain and Morocco and an upcoming trip through France ending with the Louvre in Paris. Gator Pad in the Flora and Fauna portfolio was shot on a giant Victoria Regia lily pad at Lake Janauary near Manaus in the heart of Brazil. It made the finalist list in Photographer’s Forum 28th Annual Spring Photography Contest.

The Rust Vision portfolio captures the abstractions of age on man’s discarded metal possessions. Rust leaves a wonderful palette of colors and shapes creating a never ending variety of unique designs.

Check out the Nature’s Abstract portfolio. It is all about seeing art on Nature’s Stage. You’ll find works ranging from found still lifes to rock, moss, and plant abstract arrangements by Mother Nature. I do not as a rule arrange things. I like hunting down things and capturing the precise moment of light and time with found design.

My architectural finds can be found in the Wall Works portfolio mostly from old sections of cities I have visited. Age creates very interesting variations of paint peeling, rotting discolored wood, rusting metal components all in harmony with the remains of our attempts to label everything and cover it with many different colors of paint.

The Still Life portfolio encompasses anything that held still long enough for me to shoot it. There is no telling what you will find here. It is what ever stops me in my tracks that I can’t pass up.

Water in any shape or form has always held a fascination for me. The Water Works portfolio is a result of this. You will find reflections, boats, all shots water.

I have added the Newest Additions portfolio to hold my newest work I have added to the website. For you frequent visitors, you can see what is new without having to scan the whole site.

Stay in touch! I’ll be adding to the site from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Barbara House