Artist’s Hands Project
Saxman’s Hand

As a photo artist, I have traveled the world but I call Arkansas where I was born my home. I have tracked and captured art with my camera for over 20 years while juggling responsibilities of managing a family business, studio classes at the University of Arkansas, travel, and 28 years of marriage. I retired in 2004 turning my attention to my lifetime passion for art photography.

In 2007, I began my Artist’s Hands Project, a collection of artist’s hands beginning with photos from my annual blues cruise adventure. I plan to expand and divide the project into series highlighting hands of various artists in a variety of emphasis such as painters, sculptors, craftsmen, and the performing arts.

The last couple of years I have introduced Wall Works, Rust Vision, and Nature’s Abstract portfolios while still shooting hand portraits for the Artist’s Hands Project portfolio.

I still take classes at University of Arkansas at Little Rock for the pure enjoyment of learning and to someday graduate with a degree in art photography. I update the site from time to time so keep in touch.

Enjoy the Website!

Barbara House